Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~random post~

wow... it has been a while since i updated the blog... *take my kain buruk and swipe over my dusty blog.
haha... since i got the mood to write something...
here we go... * go where?
well... perhaps in one of my lucid dream *eh... wait... no... no...
lately i have been pampering myself with so unrealistic common korean series...
haha... but i still watched it.
and i even watched the so-crazy-huzzy-cute proposal which awal done for scha. *i wanna get marry too...
after stalking over their fanpage in the FB... *i'm not a freak
i think how sweet and normal they are as a couple.
have a date together at the weekends...
nice breakfast together, went lunch and dinner together...
explore new things together... *how cool is that?


lately has not been good for me...
5 weeks in a new semester pass by with emptiness...
i haven't consume anything from it. *what's wrong with me
i've been cover in shadow... *shadow of gloomy
never been good so far.
i feel heartbroken all the time...
i've been feeling depressed every time i'm alone.
can't focus in my study
don't even have any intuition of doing anythin. i just want to rest for the whole semester but nobody gonna support me doing that.
lately... anything can break me apart.
i get so depress easily.
the happy go lucky and strong me have disappear.
i don't even have anybody to understand me.
am i destined to be like this?
do i really deserved this?
and once i get all mixed together, i will behave immaturely and make people worried just because i need more attention but i ended up accepting that i am all by myself. comforting myself. and cheering myself. all that were done by my own.

another side of the random post

haha... *yeah... i'm not a long distance relationship kind of girl
every time i said the truth, you will stay out from me.
each time you do that... *it hurts me a lot
then you come back over and over again which make it even more painful when you are disappearing again.
i know that i hurt you too... *i don't really treat you right.
previously, nothing really bother us even it has been 10months without meeting each other.
what happen now?
you always said that i am egoistic. why can't i be one?
i keep wanting for more and after all that, we ended up arguing on the same thing.
i have become uncomfortable with the current situation.
my words were misunderstood.
my feelings getting complicated.
perhaps that this relationship has exceed the climax.

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